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Integrated Achievement Blueprint (IAB) represents a unique integration of three psychologically proven tools (see course methodology), which let you determine your exact potential, purpose and goals and help you achieve them by empowering you to resolve all your issues and roadblocks in just 14 weeks.

This unique and distinct synergy has rendered this program a stand-out quality and authentic reliability.

IAB methodology

IAB course methodology has a balanced integration of a list of three proven individual developmental tools and two more highly engaging group interaction platforms. These are:

  • Extended DISC Behavioral Assessment System – an easy yet accurate system of Finland
  • 100 Day Challenge – a highly effective and widely used Daily Video Training by world renowned Coach Gary Ryan Blair of USA
  • A series of 14 once-a-week One-on-One Live Online Coaching Sessions with Internationally Qualified Success Leadership Coach Asit Ghosh
  • 14 Once-a-week Webinar-based Group Coaching rounds delivered by Asit Ghosh
  • An open professional platform called IAB for all current clients and alumni to interact and discuss various issues, ask questions and get solution.

A comprehensive support system will be available to you.

About Asit

asit ghosh

Asit Ghosh

A highly accomplished Motivational Trainer. NLP Master, Success Leadership Coach & Behavioural Analyst who has touched over 157000 lives through nearly three decades.

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Coaching is taking new direction now .... tools to monitor the loopholes. Amazingly, I get better clarity of what I want - every time. Thanks, Asit

Maha Vastu Expert Practitioner & Jewelry Business owner

What an experience! There's absolutely no doubt that anything is possible when you have a guide and coach like Asit.

Corporate Business Head

Thank you very much sir for showing me the positive side of being young business owner. At least, now I will take comments like 'Aren't you are young to do this job' as a compliment and motivating factor rather than demotivating. It surely converts the age roadblock in my mind to a step of a ladder to move higher in life.

Start-up Entrepreneur

New horizons have opened .... new vision to look at things. Today I have realized that following my planning will bear more fruits rather than going for temptations......Thanks Asit

Rajesh Khyalia 
Civil servant (Gazetted), Haryana Government

I feel like an onion and every time I sit with Asit he removes a layer!!

International Trading Agent


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​Email: iab@asitghosh.in

Phone:​ +91-9433843105

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