UXL - You Excel Testimonials

Ms. Manmeet 

Hydrant Industries 


UXL happened to me just when I had begun working with HDFC Bank. I overcame the fear of my seniors. I became courageous to accept my mistakes. The power-packed 14 sessions have all the ingredients wherein each one of us finds solutions to their challenges - be it professional or personal. Your heart will celebrate when you complete UXL. ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY ONLY A LUCKY ONE CAN AVAIL IT.

Ms. Shaivya 



I joined UXL course at a time I was experiencing emotional setbacks and was low on self confidence. UXL provided me with inner strength and direction and made me into a more empowered and self confident person. I recommend all those looking for empowerment in any aspect of their lives, to tap into this life transforming opportunity.

 Mr. Tejinder Singh Mokha 

 CEO, Bachat Guru 


I must confess UXL course changed my life. This is not a normal training, here we learn through lot of activities. My weakness was speaking, what to talk about public speaking. And now I earn because of my communication skills as I am into marketing of financial products. A shy person was transformed into a Leader. I used to feel like a Lion coming out of every session. I successfully headed bank branches for ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and HDFC Bank and lead big teams. At age 34 I left banking and started my company Bachat Guru. It needs lot of clarity, confidence and courage to take big decisions in life. Asit is a blessing in my life, I will always be indebted to him. GOD has changed my life through Asit.

Mr. Subbu



Myself Subbu and my wife Girija of UXL BATCH 3 MUMBAI have been immensely benefited from this game changing course. I was going through a very tough phase in my career and it's solely because of my friend philosopher and guide Asit that I could deal with the piquant circumstances and chart out a brilliant future for me. I had an excellent career with a top-notch MNC spanning over 15 years rising to a pan India position. Girija is also in a senior management position with a top Govt of India organisation. The course has also built in us the character, grit, determination and spirit to overcome various roughs and toughs of life. Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Asit for making a tremendous difference and value add in our livesaliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

 Sangeeta Kajal 

Hisar, Haryana


I thought my life was complete as a housewife and my education and qualification is all lost for ever. Meeting Asit and joining UXL was a magic - yes everything changed. I took charge, resolved to use my talent. I opened a coaching academy at home and teaching more and more children. My life has a purpose. I can't describe how UXL transformed my life because it's truly magical.

 Ritu Tomar 

 Established an NGO Titled Madhuram 


UXL made me a totally different person. I lacked CONFIDENCE before UXL . I thought this is my life and I can not change it. After UXL, I now feel I am not a weak person and I can do something worthier in my life and should not waste my very valuable life. Thanks Asit for helping me to change my life. Now I feel, जैस सोचेगे वैसे ही बनोगे. After UXL, I gave up my job as a Manager of a Senior Citizen Home and established an NGO Madhuram and exploring my hidden dream to serve financially backward children. The strength came from UXL.

 Dr. Sudhir Kharb 

 Animal Nutritionist & Pharma Entrepreneur 


UXL is real form of Transformation. This 12 powerful sessions changed my thought process. I truly realized life is full of opportunities. During the journey or after completion of UXL I achieved high business growth as I learnt full use of time and energy , (minimum garbage in mind). UXL offers businessman, servicemen, students , housewife equal opportunities to expand their wings and draw personal and professional life balance . I am a Startup Business man me and my 5 important team members complete UXL course after me and together our bussiness has grow n by 167% over last year's. I became an influencing public speaker also.

 Ashish Bansal 

 Online Marketing & Real Estate Business Delhi/NCR 


After My Breakup in Relationship I was stuck and shattered but UXL gave me power to Run & Start again. It was a New life with some powerful teaching about Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude. If U want to Excel in Your Life You should Join UXL.

 Krish Iyenger 



When I saw the ad in Dec 95 I thought GOD has sent a person to address my concern. I joined the Delhi II batch. You just started your Delhi batch. I can not forget you and your words still echoes as a mute reminder to me. Till date I take cold water bath in retained my vadamekam / pens and PAR cards. Nothing to look back and will be indebted to you for making that huge difference in my life. On the Guru Poornima I stand up a salute you and will a place in my heart forever. Pray for your good health and adding value in many human thru your interaction.

 Gurpreet Singh 

 CPO, Canada 


I'm an Engineer recently taken the role of a Child Protection Officer in Canada. I'm giving a tough competition to main stream senior canadian officers in Canadian Child and Family Services and am appreciated for that. If I can think of any reason why this impossible task has become possible, I find no other reason except being fortunate to be trained by Asit in a Super Course UXL. I'm immensely grateful and shall always be.

 Xlr Manju and Xlr B. Sarup, FCA FICA 



Dear Asit
News of 80th Batch at New Delhi is received with a mixed feeling - Happiness for yet another opportunity for Delhites and Sadness that it may be the last.
Manju and myself would have gladly rejoined the UXL80th Batch. We together took the UXL (then Tuff Trak) in the Delhi Batch 3 in 1995.
You are a pioneer visionary friend guide and philosopher. God bless you for your Karma.
My good wishes are with you and your endeavour. Kindly accept our regards on Guru Purnima.
With love to entire Xlr fraternity.

 Dr Mahesh Gupta 

 Radiologist & Entrepreneur 


Dear Asit. Every walk that begins has to finish. BUT that cannot be called an end. Your contributions in the lives of fellows just cannot end. The energy given by you is SOLAR that will never end.

 Chetan Suri 

 Business Owner - Building Materials 


I'm very much honoured to be part of UXL family and having a father figure like Asit.
I joined UXL when I lost my father and was disturbed. My business was mismanaged and under loss. The power-packed 14 sessions just transformed my life. Now, I'm a fearless person, more confident to face any challenge. I'm on command and can negotiate any business deal. I've overcome my losses and am ready to take my business to the next level. Everyday, I follow my UXL mantra, "Be physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually sharp and spiritually awakened

 Ravikant Yadav 

 Entrepreneur, Chandigarh 


I would not have been what I'm today if I didn't listen to my heart to challenge my status quo and join UXL in the year 2013, when I was 39! A new boy was born, a caterpillar turned into butterfly and I started imagining what a waste life could have been without this decision. I said goodbye to my Givernment job and started my entrepreneural journey. Today, I run two parallel businesses of my own. No education, no training whatsoever can help completely transform you like UXL. It is time-tested, people-tested and above all a passion and life's mission for a man as tall as Asit Ghosh. My love and sincere thanks to him for the contribution he has made in my life.

 Xlr. Sunil Gupta 



Unable to express what I got from UXL. I can only realise and feel the miraculous change. It is sure that UXL was the first unique thing of my life.


 Partner AVC & Co. Chartered Accountants 


Asit is a creator of humanity. He made me human long back in 1996 when I completed 11th batch of UXL in Delhi. Not only I repeated the course many times but I always kept the flag of Tuff Trak high in the sky. 80th batch of Tuff Trak is not the last batch but it is signal of some new beginning higher in elevation. My life is indebted to Asit Ghosh. I pray God he may live long and possess a good health.

 Payal Jobanputra 

 Genetic Counselor 


Post marriage I moved to New Delhi. I had hit a low since it was a new place, new job and new surroundings. I was loosing confidence in myself and about slipping into depression. During one of the sulking episodes my husband, X'lr Sukrut Jobanputra held me and looked straight into my eyes and said " Only one person and one course can help you through this difficult times". I enrolled for the UXL course by Asit the very next day. UXL helped me regain my confidence and broaden my horizons. It allowed me to appreciate the various facets and variety of life and evolve as a much mature person.

Xlr Arjun Kumar Singhania



Dear Asit,
UXL is the turning point in my life. This course changed my life completely. The way I see the world before is totally different. I was not a positive person in any way. I was always trying to find errors in every good happening. The kind of person I was before, was you really don't want to meet again in life. I never paid gratitude to anyone.
But after this course, I found another person is living inside me which is full of happiness and positivity. Now I can find good in every bad situation. Now I can say that I am really open minded and ready to face the worst phase of life.
Asit, I will not thank you because what to you have given me is not to be paid back. But I can't resist myself to feel proud of myself because I know you personally. You are God's grace and mercy for me and I can't think of my life better before meeting you.

 Xlr. Rajesh khyalia 

 District Revenue Officer,
Govt. Of Haryana, Panchkula


UXL is the most wonderful and an extremely well packaged life transforming course.I have benefited immensely by being part of this course and would strongly recommend to anybody who wants to enjoy the journey of life in a meaningful way to avail this opportunity of doing this training course. Asit is undoubtedly an accomplished and an awesome trainer for this course.

 Sumit Verma 

 Personality Development Trainer, Author & Poet. 


UXL is really worth joining more than anything else. I know if I had not joined it, I would have regretted throughout my life. A WHOLESOME FORMULA providing PEACE & FREEDOM from WORRIES.


 Software Engineer, Toronto, Canada 


Dear Asit
I am not sure why you are putting curtains to UXL program. Maybe you have more interesting goals and want to devote yourself to other callings.
But i want to take this opportunity to express that I am so proud of being your student and that too from your first batch of 1995 Tuff Trak program (now UXL) in Chandigarh. That program had left a deep and permanent impression on my mind and you truly are a game changer in the life and outcomes of your students. May God bless you with never ending positivity and may you continue to influence, mould and transform lives of others in your own innovative ways.

 Garima Trivedi 

 Health Care Consultant 


Only the most privilaged and blessed will get this opportunity of a lifetime of transformation once they join UXL.

 Ajay Sharma 

 Personal Development Trainer & Author 


UXL Journey has been a journey of "REBIRTH" for me. All my paradigms related to love, forgiveness, gratitude changed in this journey of 45 days. This journey transformed me as a human being.
I recommend this Journey to everyone in whatever form of life they are in.
This is a decision you will never ever regret in your life.

 Ranvijay Narwal 



HI Asit,
I couldnt stop myself from writing this when I saw my parents writing their gains from UXL, because this has benefitted me more than them in a way. Asit, my parents as I have observed them over the years are not the same. I dont know what you did and how you Did but I thank you for all you did. I became a fan of yours in chisel but now the way you have transformed this happy couple, you are a magician in true sense, you have made me believe in magic. These people, let me tell you, were not the same as they presently are. Not that they were not happy or something but its that they used to fight and not less but a lot. Believe me; and I have seen and heard them fight and scream like anything and all I did was sit in the accompanying room and cry and wait for it to stop. But, not anymore for now they are much happier than they've ever been. I request all the parents in whole wide world to try it out once and you ll see the difference yourself. My dad is now a speaker that can move people by just speaking i feel proud seeing him in newspapers now. My mom is now a complete different being she volunteers to speak no matter what the occasion is and speaks like a lioness. Moreover after i saw what they have become I cannot wait to turn 18 and transform myself too I wish I could make time go faster. Thank you Asit and for what you have done.

 X'celior Darshana Narwal 



Hello Asit this is Darshana.
Its been long since we talked last. But, Asit, the things you taught me accompany me everyday wherever I go. I've seen people tell me that UXL brought great impact on their lives. But, I think, it has done much greater good for me. It has literally changed every aspect of my personality. I remember what I was before. This revolution came to my life changing me from a conservative and introvert person to a butterfly (perhaps that's why you call me Titlee). Asit, you came as a bright ray of light and transformed me to what I am today. The memories of those wonderful two months are indeed my sweet memories, which I know will stay with me for good. The friends I have made in the UXL family are also like a buquet of flowers. Asit, without UXL I would have never changed and would have regretted all my life .The words to exactly thank you are not in the English dictionary but l want you to know that my heart is filled with gratitude for you . Thank you Asit for making this Titlee of yours the person I am today all the credit goes to you. Thank you again for all that you have done.

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"Its been highly beneficial and well received by the participants. There have been perceptible changes in the the attitude of the staff."

Pearl Academy of Fashion

"My Experience with UXL PLUS

I did my UXL in 1996 and recently completed my UXL-PLUS . It has been a unique experience.It has given me a chance to take -off into a higher life of higher frequency-higher worth. I am now empowering with new Vision, Mission, and Goals."

Practicing CA